A Better Alternative

Affordable Health Benefits for
Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Some businesses believe that they have one of two choices when it comes to health benefits:

1 – stay with their current insurance company, and accept a double digit cost increase;

2 – switch to one of the other insurance giants that are offering basically the same thing.

We believe you deserve a better alternative.

As a mid-sized employer ourselves, we understand how health care costs can burden your business. For more than a decade, we’ve delivered affordable health insurance benefits that

save our clients an average of 20%.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started:


Schedule an Intro

• Learn about Self-Funding

• Engage your Advisor

• Request a Proposal


STEP 2: 

Make a Choice

• Review Your Options

• Customize Your Plan


Start Saving

• Enroll

• Implement

A Healthier, Happier Option

At Roundstone, we work to continuously manage your insurance costs below inflation, and keep your amazing team of employees healthier and happier.

You can even keep your current plan design or we can design a new plan for you based on our cost-saving recommendations. It’s incredibly easy to get started with our affordable health insurance benefits.