Welcome to your Game Plan! In-between MCF sessions or here a little early? On this page, you’ll find some of our best resources for employers like you! Watch our videos, download resource sheets, or visit our website to learn more about self-funding and how to take the next step forward.

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Health Benefits
Funding Solutions

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Medical Captives:
A Better Alternative

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Medical Captives:

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Captive Funding

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Roundstone's Cost
Containment Philosophy

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The Roundstone


Learn About Self-Funding

Watch this video to learn more about Roundstone’s Group Medical Captive solution.

Working with Roundstone

At Roundstone, we work to continuously manage your insurance costs below inflation, and keep your amazing team of employees healthier and happier. You can even keep your current plan design or we can design a new plan for you based on our cost-saving recommendations. It’s incredibly easy to get started with our affordable health insurance benefits. Watch this video to learn more.

Roundstone's CSI Team

The Roundstone CSI Team (Cost Saving Investigators) is not a single department, but rather a collection of professionals across several Roundstone divisions. Our professionals use their expertise to deliver transparency and control to our clients and advisors as they unfailingly look for cost-saving opportunities. The CSI Team’s areas of expertise include data analytics, nursing, plan document optimization, claims, and underwriting.

Meet Bywater, Our TPA

Bywater was birthed out of the need to ensure Roundstone customers had the best experience possible. As a third-party administrator, we specialize in helping small to mid-sized companies make the switch from fully insured to a self-funded plan.

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