Erica Kurfis

How Group Captive Health Insurance Plans Help Mid-Market Companies Control Costs

stethoscope around money

Learn how group captive health insurance plans can help participating mid-market companies save enough for an entire year of coverage within their first four years. Employer health plan costs are continuing to rise, easily outpacing inflation and challenging businesses’ bottom lines. Mid-market companies can feel powerless when tasked with fighting […]

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How to Launch a Well-being Program

how to launch

By Marcy Leonard, Program Analyst / Wellness Coordinator The growth of wellness programs in small and mid-size companies is exploding. Employers can leverage these programs to improve employee health, while controlling health care costs. This can be accomplished with minimal investment. At Roundstone, we were a small company of 30 employees […]

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Focusing on the Long Term

focusing on the long term

October of 2017 Edition The engines are running fast these days. Not to be confused with the hard running AC because of an unusual September heat wave hitting the Midwest, health care funding proposals are being emailed at a dizzying pace from Roundstone’s underwriters. Automation, experience and best in class […]

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