Erica Kurfis

Choosing a TPA

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  Choosing a TPA At its most basic, self-funding is a mechanism an employer uses to pay for its employees’ health care. It’s also an investment in controlling a major cost of doing business. The employer relies on three consultants to deliver a return on that investment: their insurance advisor, […]

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From the Desk of Mike Schroeder

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As the 1/1 business draws to a close, I cannot help but recognize the differences in the advisor market. Some appear to sail through the season with confidence, success and plenty of time to enjoy the fall season. Others look, talk and behave as if they are preparing to defend […]

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The Top Five Employer Objections to Captive Insurance

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As the January 2017 renewal season comes to a close and the dust begins to settle, Roundstone will again see a significant increase in mid-size companies entering our private and public captives. Despite the clear benefits of a company being self-insured in a group captive, we still see some common […]

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By the Numbers: One Size Does Not Fit All

By the Numbers

No two employers are the same, even within the same industry. They can vary based on their size, the ages of their employees or their company’s geographic location. This also means their healthcare needs will be very different. This is one of the reasons why Roundstone provides customized healthcare solutions. […]

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