Chris Mangione

A Statement on COVID-19

The front of the Roundstone office building

We wanted to reach out and let you know what to expect from Roundstone during these unsettling times. There are a lot of unknowns and we imagine COVID-19 is top of mind, especially concerning your healthcare benefits. We want to assure you Roundstone is paying close attention to the situation. […]

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9 Ways to Offset Rising Healthcare Costs

9 Ways to Offset Costs Blog Article

By Matt Monda Many of you recently received double-digit rate increases from your employee benefits carriers. Now you are adjusting your 2020 strategy to absorb the financial hit. Those are some tough decisions. Have you considered all of your options? We asked for advice from expert CEO-advisor, Jim Schleckser, from […]

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4 Ways for Companies to Lower Their Health Benefit Spend in the New Year

Lower Health Benefit Spending Blog Article

Healthcare benefits are a top three-line item expense for most employers. Worse, they are ever increasing, often seeing yearly increases of 10% or more. Unfortunately, most employers believe there isn’t a viable alternative to those year-over-year increases or a way to help reign in health benefit spending. Here are four […]

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The RSU Roundup

RSU Roundup Article

Rah-rah! Roundstone University just finished it’s first quarter! Our eLearning educational platform was designed specifically for advisors to learn more about Roundstone and captive insurance.

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A New Year, A New MCF

Speaking at MCF

Looking for new ways to help your employees? Wondering about the latest technology and strategies available for saving on your company’s health care? Mark your calendars now for the 2019 Roundstone Medical Captive Forum!

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