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By the Numbers: Plan Documents

Plan Documents By the Numbers Blog Article

By Book Chrobak, Health Analytics Manager Switching to self-funding health benefits allows employers to take control of their costs, design their benefit coverages, and understand their healthcare spend. The plan document is the “formal, written, legal statement listing the provisions of the insurance plan.” It is the instrument that sets […]

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The Price of Short-Term Thinking

The price of short-term thinking

By Mike Schroeder, President Life is full of decisions and choices. These decisions can be addressed from a long-term or short-term perspective. It is not a news flash that the long-term approach delivers better results. Yet, many decisions are made with the immediate or short-term implications carrying the day. What […]

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From the Desk of Mike

Health Insurance

September of 2018 Edition A business leader is responsible for establishing the strategic direction of their organization. In doing so, they make daily decisions that impact not only sales, but also the organization’s expenses. How much is the opportunity to review and direct change for the better worth? It’s a […]

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