Why Choose Roundstone for Group Captive Insurance?

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Of the many expenses companies incur as part of doing business, health insurance is one of the biggest. To find and retain a solid pool of workers, businesses typically offer comprehensive health insurance coverage to keep their employees happy and healthy. But such insurance plans can also make a huge […]

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Captives Do It Better: Data Transparency

Captives Do It Better: Data Transparency Image

The idea of asking your insurance carrier for your healthcare and claims data has been taboo for so long that it isn’t listed as an FAQ on any major fully insured carrier’s website. That’s right, in the digital age, with a wealth of information at our fingertips, it’s impossible to […]

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Podcast: Taking Control of Healthcare Benefits


We sat down with Steve Glick of Chamber Insurance Trust on a weekend edition of the Flashpoint Healthcare radio show on Connecticut’s WDRC to talk about the health insurance challenge facing many businesses these days.   Often times business leaders think they have to accept double-digit increases from a fully […]

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MCF 2021: Raising the Game for Group Health Insurance


  Thanks to all who attended Roundstone’s virtual Medical Captive Forum. Nearly a thousand people registered to learn more about self-funded solutions for quality and affordable group health insurance. Roundstone President Mike Schroeder kicked off the day by welcoming attendees from all over the country: owners of small and mid-sized […]

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Takeaways from the Health Rosetta Virtual Event

Employee virtual meeting

Recently, we sponsored and participated in Health Rosetta’s Community Dividends virtual event, and wow, were we blown away! The event, which brings together Health Rosetta advisors, as well as advisors and solution/clinical leaders provides a great forum and educational resources to help the business community understand and deploy strategies for […]

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Is Self-Funded Health Insurance Right for You?

group of employees looking into self funded captive plans

The growth of self funded health insurance and stop-loss captive programs has been significant over the past several years providing the perfect example of self-insurance and captive insurance working together for the benefit of smaller and mid-sized employers. Our founder and president, Mike Schroeder, spoke at the Self-Insurance Institute of […]

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Top 5 Trends Impacting Health Insurance Costs


Roundstone has been keeping tabs on the most creative and innovative solutions implemented by open-minded employer clients over the past year to better meet their employees’ changing needs and control health insurance costs. We’re also always on the lookout for what’s coming next. We all saw big changes in 2020 […]

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