Long-Term Strategy

What’s the New Normal?

What's the New Normal Blog Article

For the past several weeks, we’ve all been collectively holding our breath as we followed state and federal guidelines on how to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Businesses and individuals banded together, weathering temporary shut-downs, helping their communities, and changing the way day-to-day life operates for the greater good. […]

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Roundstone CSI Dashboard: Data Analytics and Healthcare

An example CSI dashboard for data analytics and healthcare

By: Book Chrobak, Health Analytics Manager As health prices continue to rise and health insurance premiums soar past inflation, Americans across the country are looking for new ways to save money on their healthcare. However, many individuals have no insight into the costs of treatment. Healthcare has historically held itself […]

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How Group Captive Health Insurance Plans Help Mid-Market Companies Control Costs

stethoscope around money

Learn how group captive health insurance plans can help participating mid-market companies save enough for an entire year of coverage within their first four years. Employer health plan costs are continuing to rise, easily outpacing inflation and challenging businesses’ bottom lines. Mid-market companies can feel powerless when tasked with fighting […]

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